02/07/2020Aya Akbib
Collage web

During this lockdown, I found myself drawing a lot of windows, small landscapes, fragments of nature, drawings that somehow reflect my childhood. As if I was looking through several windows to reach these memories. Maybe there’s a connection to what’s happening today.

For two months, our escape was our windows, our balconies, and the walks in the parks and forests. This made us aware of the space surrounding us.

My desired spaces only exist through the connection I made and continue to make in my mind, they’re drawn on a white paper, as if they were artificial islands that can’t be reached.

Today, I hope I’ll continue to recall these memories, and create new ones, through my drawings, and my architectural practice. For what it’s worth, recollecting memories, collective imaginaries might be a new way to discover and (un)build spaces.

Aya Akbib