02/07/2020Irina Bogdan
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Imagining a future living space made me think of childhood school assignments, when we had to draw our vision of the next-era cities, vaguely located in time somewhere in the 21st century. All the images that we were enthusiastically producing had the naïve and utterly positive outlook that children have on life in general. Colourful, rich and happy cities, technologically advanced, in the same spirit “old-world” writers like Jules Verne were imagining the future.

In a moment daunted by various apocalyptical scenarios – whether it is global warming or pandemic – I think we could all benefit of a brief return to that hopeful childhood way of seeing the present and the future. The city I sketched here is primarily the simple joy of imagining and playing with uncensored fantasies - an exercise on feeling happy, and looking forward to the future, but not in the programmatic way of the positive discourses.

Maybe what I was truly after was to re-enact the state of mind of the 7-year old version of me, seated at my small wooden desk, with a piece of paper in front and a bunch of roughly-sharpened pencils, excited but also a bit nervous that my hand will not manage to show all the beautiful things in my head.

Irina Bogdan / Graphic Designer / Illustrator