Where to situate the frontiers of a Desired Space? How can we conceive any border for such a space?

This must have something to do with the limits of human creativity.

At a inner level, a first checkpoint is to be found just around the corner.
Although unexpectedly, here an intimate dimension can pronounce a "stop" to free movement in high spirits.
Move along, nothing to see here: we actually know this is not true.
A glimpse through the curtain can suggest the vastness of those lands.

More likely, we can think about an outer, physical frontier.
In which four walls and a closed door remind us that we are still inside a room.
Well, now we are out.
From the comfort of the indoor Box, to the outdoor inconsistency of the Wi-Fi, it only takes a shift signal in our mobile.
And, once again, we know we have put the feet in the gutter of the street.

For an instant, let's take a look at the stars.
Inner stars or outer stars: they both are a kind of stars. With them, men can navigate through the unknown.

Paolo Fregi