Community in construction

As an answer to current situation in which a crisis is more and more vivid phenomena. I would like to propose an alternative approach to an art institution as a place of prospect . Being an active artist, who is tired of only talking about solutions possible implement, I decided to started drawing my ideas in the way that they are easy to make in a DIY version.

In my artistic practice I care very much about the climate crisis and believe the time in which we happened to be now, the moment of redefinition and change that the pandemic provoked is the perfect time to find new solutions and ideas for old mechanisms.

I believe that the art industry can change only by starting form artists. So I came up with the proposition of the work of art that is not an object of desire. It is a space to be and experience. It is a space to imagine, because I truly believe that imagining is making happen. A space contracted of recycled objects and powered by wind and watered by rain. The space is ready to move and face the nomadic life, open for the problem of discrimination and considering the problem of province and center.

I would like to wake the power of imagination, leave far behind the consumerist ideas and try to put a focal point on community and movement as a source of change.

I am proposing a structures/sculpture spaces that are a prototype of a small, mobile, self-sufficient art institutions. The structures I am constructing from found materials, left-overs from previous exhibitions or things that I can find in the museums depots.

I imagine that the structures are prepared to move on the ground or on the water.

There are my ideas:

  • Swimming planetarium – a dome-like structure that is prepared to swim on the river or in the canal. The art installation inside is making a projection of a sky full of stars. People can lay inside and enjoy the view, be together. It is a dreamy situation, kind of the question if it is good to make an afford only to lay and imagine. The projection is working taking power from the windmill attached to the roof.
  • Quick shelter – a tent made of found tarpaulins, quick to set up, inside there is a colorful sand and stones to play with. It is a place to gather and talk about ideas. There is a waterfall inside the tent that is taking water from rain, so it is only there when the rain is present.
  • Ride peace and love - a moving, two floor structure that is full of sensational experiences, designed for children but could be used also by adults. A space in which you can find object well known but used in the way you didn’t expect before to work well. On the ground-floor there is a sand with colorful stones that are ready to be set in some combinations or stone graffities, maybe saying Pease or Love.

Marta Krześlak