02/07/2020Marta Gruca
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In a search for the (other) incipience

At time the mirror increases a thing’s value, at times denies it. Not everything that seems valuable above the mirror maintains its force when mirrored. The twin cities are not equal, because nothing that exists or happens in Valdrada is symmetrical: every face and gesture is answered, from the mirror, by a face and gesture inverted, point by point. The two Valdradas live for each other, their eyes interlocked; but there is no love between them.

Italo Calvino, “Invisible Cities”

Laboratory to regain civic imagination, landscapes of the unwanted or territories of reflection, embraced with a holistic perspective. Species of spaces, spaces of degrowth, which have no value in terms of economy neither they are a commodity. They are places of the incipient, serendipity, affordance. Situations which encourage to think, desire, experiment, celebrate and be. “About:blank” projects space into the mind of the beholder.

Marta Gruca | student, KU Leuven | collaborator, Acope studio