7 years inside

02/07/2020Arne Wastyn / Emile Wiseur

7 years inside

During a long period of lockdown, nature has reclaimed the cities. People had to make space for the wilderness and started building around it. As a result, they have paid more attention to indoor life and have been decorating their living spaces. From inside their homes, they have been contemplating the urban landscape becoming a wonderful chaos.


Hi Sara,

I hope you are doing well. It has been so long since we last saw each other. Hopefully you will still recognize me. I am looking forward to your visit… I’m also a bit nervous. I prepared your room so you can feel at home.

The road between us seems more difficult than it used to be. The continuous rain caused the plants to grow faster which makes it harder to penetrate trough the jungle. When you see a giant tree near the former bus station, you should turn left. I live near the riverbank with the waterlilies. Hard to miss it.

Last weekend, I saw a whole flock of bird landing near my place. It was beautiful to see them flying together, so close to where I live. I am looking forward to sharing this view with you. It is mating season for the birds… Be careful when you go outside.

Can’t wait to have you by my side,



Arne Wastyn / Artist (NL)
Emile Wiseur / Architect (FR)